Weird, but true: a week of giveaways!

December 16th, 2013

Today’s giveaway sponsored by National Geographic Kids

What the fox. How in the world did it get to be the middle of December? It feels like we just got done clearing the Thanksgiving dishes. Now I’m racing (in vain) to make Christmas shipping deadlines, trying to synchronize my brain with my calendar and to-do list, and almost (but not quite) regretting the past few weeks of domestic indolence. 

It’s like I’ve been jolted out of hibernation by the clatter of reindeer and jingling bells. So much for a long winter’s nap.

Oh well, like the song says, I better not pout. Not with a whole week’s worth of holiday presents to bestow on some lucky readers, thanks to some terrific companies I’ve been very happy to work with this year. To be eligible to win, simply leave a comment (registered with your email address), and please feel free to enter each giveaway. All winners will be randomly selected after 11:59 pm CST, Friday, December 20. On the odd chance the same person wins in one or more giveaways, the higher value item will be awarded, and another drawing held for the remaining prize (s).  

First up, a year-long subscription to National Geographic Kids or National Geographic Little Kids magazine (10 issues, eligible to U.S. and Canadian addresses).

As much as I’ve enjoyed serving as a NGK Insider, my kids have enjoyed it more. My nine year-old loves getting the Kids magazine, and they’ve all found something fascinating in the books we’ve received, especially the Weird But True series of bizarre facts. The Littlest Who really likes to regale me with these. Did you know George Washington’s dentures were made from hippopotamus ivory? Now you do. If you’re looking for boy-friendly books for ages 8-12,Ye Olde Weird But True book and Ultimate Weird but True 2 book are a great bet, according to my review panel. There’s also a WBT app for iPhone and iPad

In other true facts, the National Geographic online store has guaranteed Christmas delivery with standard shipping until 12/20. 

By the way, photo on top is this year’s silly hand-knit hat for my 12-year-old nephew, the latest in a series that includes a bearded balaclava and a viking helmet. I have become the auntie from A Christmas Story who sends bunny pajamas. Weird, and all too true.

Alright, leave a comment, cross fingers, and come back tomorrow for another surprise! 


17 Responses to “Weird, but true: a week of giveaways!”

  1. scgrits says:

    My son would love this!

  2. prp says:

    My son loves the Weird but True books and learns a lot!! I’ve just finishing taping up all the boxes to go out in the mail tomorrow! Check that off the list! Now, what’s next…?

  3. karenw says:

    My 8yo son would love this! Only kid I know that asked for “chapter books” for Christmas.

  4. […] enter to win, just leave your comment on this post. And be sure to leave one on yesterday’s post, as well. If you win both drawings, you’ll be automatically awarded the highest value prize, […]

  5. juliloquy says:

    Your knitting skills are very impressive.

    My 9-year-old has grooved on the Weird But True books. The magazine subscription would be wonderful. Thanks.

  6. joanna e s c says:

    Love the facial knit!

  7. kmewalt says:

    My sons would love this

  8. Jen @ BB2Boulder says:

    As an initial note, at almost 13, my daughter has possibly aged out of the NGK magazine. You’re more familiar so if you tend to agree, please feel free to leave me out of this particular drawing so that one of the other commenters can win who have referenced 8 and 9 year olds.

    I only wanted to comment to say how much I LOVE these kinds of magazines for kids, especially for girls. My daughter loved pink and princesses and all that but not exclusively – she also loved discovery magazine, ranger rick, etc. We hear a lot of complaints about the ubiquitous nature of the pink and princess toys for girls but I don’t see them, in and of themselves, as a problem. The only thing the bothers me is it does occasionally feel like there aren’t other options geared toward them as well. My daughter would wear her little ballerina get up while running around the woods behind her grandparent’s house trying to track animals, alongside her grandfather and a book about animal prints. … Obviously I’m a little off topic but I have a real appreciation for periodicals like this geared toward kids. (I think I sense possibly my own blog post about the rest.) What a great giveaway!

  9. jmason says:

    Those are great hats!

  10. lomagirl says:

    Put me on your nice list, please! I always wanted to shoot for National Geographic. Reading it is almost as good.

  11. Kathy B says:

    Sounds like something my youngest would love.!!

  12. Lisa says:

    nice knitting!

  13. Andi Stubbs says:

    Oh what awesome treats on your blog! Thanks for nudging me on Facebook!

  14. Carol G. says:

    Love that Viking helmet!! Have a Merry Christmas, Kyran. I love all your posts!

  15. rayraycartucci says:

    HA! Love these…so cute!

  16. Tiffany H says:

    We would LOVE this! My boys would be all over it. It would be cool if we could win this from Santa… wink, wink.

  17. Tracee says:

    This is hilarious and great post holiday gift for my brother!

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