Wednesdays on Writing

November 10th, 2010

Keep those entries in the print giveaway coming, and your wonderful contributions to The Crack in Everything! On Wednesdays, I’ll be posting about Writing. Just because I didn’t get one of those fancy MFA degrees doesn’t mean I don’t know about alliteration, y’all.

This is where I share field notes from the writing life. Sometimes it will be about creativity, or wordcraft, or attitude. Sometimes I’ll be letting you know what’s happening with my book and other words of mine that have found (or are seeking) a place in the world. If you have any related questions you’d like answered on a future Wednesday, or a topic to offer for discussion, leave a comment here, or email me.

And now, for a little show and tell:

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  1. Savannah B says:

    I can’t wait for this weekly feature.

    That very (as-yet-unfanged) Martha Stewart cover is on my desk right now, under three other TBR magazines. I’ll get there… eventually.

    If “having a clip on the same page as Maya Angelou” wasn’t already on your life list, add it, then mark it out. Wow.

  2. Dana F says:

    ohhh – I read Someone Knows My Name by Lawrence Hill last fall. One of the best reads for me in a couple of years. I loved it even more when I discovered that it is written by a Canadian.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Library fines…pooh-pooh! They’ll be doing their “food for fines” campaign soon. Can of green beans oughtta fix it.

  4. Tena Laing says:

    I feel your library card pain. I did more damage on mine this year than on any credit card. On the writing front, would love to hear how you managed the sheer magnitude of the physical task of revising a long long text – like a memoir. Anything you’re willing to share would make for excellent reading!

  5. Gotcha! The library cop is a reader! You still working on Someone Knows My Name??

  6. Kelly says:

    Yes, I’m a big “supporter” of our local library, too. I bought the new GH yesterday and saw your name, before I even saw this post. Also: didn’t know that Meg Wolitzer had a new book out — so thanks for that, too.

  7. Ashley says:

    Kyran I am just loving your new blog. Although I admit I almost cried when I read that Notes was no longer. I had been reading there for nearly three years. I’ll get used to this too. Change is good, but this post is better.

  8. Kyran says:

    Kelly, that’s an advanced reader copy I snagged from our mutual book editor! It will be released this winter. Check for details.

    Ashley, I love that you felt that way about Notes. I did too. And I’m so happy you’ve followed me here. You’ll soon feel just as at home, I promise. 🙂

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