The Yes Mom Goes Bowling

June 21st, 2012


Yes, we can go bowling.Everyday, all summer long, for free.


Yes, we do have to pay to rent clown shoes. Worn by thousands of other clowns before us.


Yes, I can keep score. Since technology means having a clue is no longer a prerequisite.


Yes, we can stick our fingers in all the sticky balls.


Yes, we are bringing hand sanitizer next time.


Yes, you can try throwing the ball like a discus.


Yes, rolling it down the alley is probably a better approach.







The Yes Mom is a new post category to capture fun things I do with my kids. From time to time, our fun may be sponsored. When it is, I’ll let you know.

2 Responses to “The Yes Mom Goes Bowling”

  1. dida says:

    Professor Bowl, I presume?? Yes, it can be awesome, can’t it?
    If nothing else, for the AC. Just say ‘No’ to the bathrooms, though, and go before you get there ;-( a little tip from a Bathroom-Bowling Alley Connoisseur/Mom 😉

  2. The Mommy says:

    One of my first blog posts ever was about being the “yes” mom. Some days I do pretty well (yes, you can wear your fairy costume to eat pizza; yes, you can squirt the house with your water toys) and some days not. {SIGH}

    I used to bowl on a league (because I’m a hick). My boys thought this was fantastic! And then I told them I had a bowling pin packed away with my memorabilia. Even MORE impressed! And then I told them why I had the bowling pin – it was my “trophy” for being the worst bowler on the league. Much LESS impressed. {SIGH} But I do know how to keep score – with paper and pencil even!

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