Watch me try. The gift of encouragement.

August 23rd, 2013




Once, we were children, and we wanted someone to see us try. For as long as it took.

Mom, watch!

Watch me this time!

Okay, this time!

Did you see?

Do you see me?

When do we start hiding the tries? Why does trying become solitary and superstitious before we are even done growing up?

It’s not ready yet.

I don’t want to jinx it by talking about it.

You don’t want to hear about it.

There is no try.

Yoda was wrong about that. There is only try.

What if we still believed there was someone beloved who delights in watching us try? For as long as it takes. Could we be that witness to our own efforts, or the efforts of a friend? If we could afford the gift of encouragement, without it being conditional upon success, what would we say?

I’m watching!

Good try!

It’s okay!

You’re figuring it out.

It takes time.

I’m still here.

I see you.

I love to watch you try.

Are you trying something (or wishing you could try something) that makes you feel vulnerable to share? What would it feel like to shout, “Watch me try!” What encouragement do you need to hear?



5 Responses to “Watch me try. The gift of encouragement.”

  1. I loved this entry, although that Yoda quote is one of my favorites. I consider every “try” a “do.” 🙂

  2. Poppy Herrin says:

    I hadn’t thought about that, but you’re right. I keep a lot of my efforts to myself. I am an introvert, and I don’t like attention. That’s what I tell myself anyway. But, if I’m a writer seeking publication (which I am), isn’t that a form of attention? Yes, it most certainly is. You’ve given me a thing or two to think about. Thanks for that! 🙂

  3. […] me try,” like I used to as a child.  If you haven’t already, you must go read this piece by Planting Dandelions.  She hits the nail on the […]

  4. I love your thoughts on encouragement. It’s such an important gift to receive, one we can easily bestow on others. Our competitive world creates so much insecurity. The effects of a word of encouragement can never be underestimated. Thank you for your thoughtful expression of it. Loved the pictures! (Also love that you have made Arkansas your home.)

  5. My daughter is gone to college and you are STILL helping me be a better mother. Thank you. Thank you for your encouraging words.

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