The Crack in Everything: let your heart be light.

December 7th, 2010

Saint Nicholas Day, 2010

I’ve fallen a couple of Saturdays behind, so I’m doubling up today to reflect back all the light you’ve captured as it shone through the cracks these past two weeks.

A father (who wishes to remain anonymous) emailed me a beautiful story about finding it in a darkened theater at midnight, as he and his teenage son took their seats to watch the latest Harry Potter movie:

And that’s when the light shone full bore through the cracks.  Here was this legal adult, with all the attitude that only teenagers can possess, nearly giddy about the beginning of this movie. A tradition and memory that we have shared many times over the past 18 years. And only then did I realize that, in so many ways, he is still a boy…our boy.

Erniebufflo found it in her Netflix queue:

I have been having lots of back pain, and I know it’s because I’m missing my yoga, but we can’t afford classes now. So my sweet husband found all the top-rated yoga videos available for streaming and added them to the top of the queue for me. Despite the fact that he’s been working so many hours that I’ve barely seen him, he found the time to do something thoughtful and sweet, even if it seems as simple as adding videos to a Netflix queue.

Natalie found it in a chocolate and champagne party…

…hosted by a good friend who is finally in remission after a LONG and arduous two year battle with cancer. We’re not sure how long she’ll be well for…but we know that she’s well now. And that was reason enough for 35 grown women to put on sparkly clothes, eat tons of chocolate and toast to our friend Karen and to continued health. It was the best reason I have ever found to incur a hangover.

Gracenotes found it in things laid bare by hard seasons.

Amy found it in news she never thought she’d receive.

And Betsy, Jennifer, and A. could all use a little more light. Won’t you picture some shining their way?

“There is a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in.”

–Leonard Cohen, Anthem

Every Tuesday, I invite you to show me where the light has come into your world lately. You can participate in the following ways:

  • by leaving a comment to this post describing an extraordinary, ordinary moment from your week–something that brought you joy, insight, inspiration, gratitude or just a good belly laugh.
  • by sharing a link in the comments section (please include a brief description or excerpt) to something you or someone else posted elsewhere
  • by emailing me privately (let me know if you prefer I withhold your name)
  • by adding a photograph to the flickr group Planting Dandelions

Your words and images will, of course, remain yours.

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  1. I was inspired several weeks ago by The Hindsight Letters. Specifically, I liked this one:

    Here’s an excerpt:

    “Dear girl, what your body looks like is completely irrelevant. It’s what your body can do that defines it. Appreciate your body. Appreciate your hair and nose and legs- they came from your father. He gave them to you in a process so incredible that even modern medicine will never be able to define all its intricacies. A process that is also so humble and quiet that you might miss its profundity if you hadn’t first learned this lesson.”

    I enjoyed the whole thing. But Kyran? I bet you could easily find one that inspires you.

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