Score! ACT results and TestRocker giveaway

April 15th, 2014

Sponsored by TestRocker, an online SAT/ACT preparation program

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TestRocker is giving away six months of online SAT or ACT test preparation to a Planting Dandelions reader (a $699 value)! Details at the bottom of this post.

My ninth-grader wrote his first official, on-the-record college entrance exam last month. As we drove to the testing site that morning, I contemplated saying something like, “Remember you’re a few years younger than most people taking the test today—don’t be discouraged if you find it difficult this time.”

At the last minute, I decided not to adjust the bar for him, but to let him locate it for himself. “Do your best!” I said, and wished him luck.

When he reported that the test was “easy,” I chalked it up to teenage insouciance, and didn’t put too much weight on it. Either way, I was proud of him for sticking with the study program for nearly six months.

I didn’t expect to be able to view his score for a month or more, but when I logged onto his ACT account a few weeks after the test date, it was ready.

Now, I went to high school in Canada, a thousand years ago, and we didn’t write standardized entrance exams for college. So I had no clue what the number I was looking at meant. But after consulting Patrick, and poring over the percentile tables for both the composite score and individual test sections, I can tell you I was one very proud and happy mama.

This kid doesn’t need the bar lowered. In fact, it’s tempting to raise  it by speculating what his ACT scores might look like by the time he’s a senior and has written the test two or three times. But those are chickens yet unhatched and best uncounted.

As for the scholar, he’s happy with the results. Though he may already regret his spectacular score in one particular subject for which he’s been bringing home unspectacular grades from school. So much for excuses.

It’s hard to say whether the test gave him a confidence boost, or made the prospect of college seem that much nearer and more real, or he finally felt the nip of my tiger mother teeth, but I see him working harder on all his grades this last quarter. Even after he’d cashed his subcontractor check from me, and bought the well-earned longboard of his dreams.

So, big thanks to TestRocker, for sponsoring this experiment, and big thanks to you for following along.  The future looks bright.
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Thanks again, and good luck!

 I’m very happy to disclose that TestRocker provided my son with six months of access to a customized ACT study plan, and sponsored a series of posts about the experience. All opinions are mine and his. Sign up here for your free TestRocker trial, and learn how it can help your child.

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