Teens and texting: the REAL danger.

February 22nd, 2012

Yesterday, I went shopping for clothes. I wanted Patrick’s opinion on the fit of a skirt, so I texted him a couple of snapshots–you know, the pictorial version of “does this make my ass look fat?”

Thus encouraged, I tried on a pair of jeans, and sent a snapshot of me wearing those. And a lace push-up bra. And maybe hooking my thumb a little playfully into the belt loop, and striking a pose.

Only, my iPhone somehow flipped over to a text conversation I’d been having with someone else the day before, just as I hit “send.”

Thank God it was a school day, and my son had left his iPhone at home. I was able to delete the image before he had to claw out his own eyes.

Good thing, too, that I pay the phone company an extra five dollars a month for parental safety controls. I can add mine to the list of blocked numbers.

6 Responses to “Teens and texting: the REAL danger.”

  1. Susanna says:

    That made my stomach hurt! I have a very text-heavy relationship with my husband and a teenage son who could possibly get caught in the crossfire if I’m not careful. Thanks for the hilarious heads up!

  2. Too funny! I loved reading this while drinking my morning coffee, but I almost spit it all over my computer screen as I read the last bit. What a hoot! I’m going to have to share this one.

  3. Taido Chino says:

    I am imagining this transpiring between Alison and Cole. Or worse yet, between my mother and me. Clawing out one’s eyes is the only appropriate response.

    • patrick says:

      Taido, there are times that I’m grateful my mother has passed on. You’ve reminded me of one of those times.

  4. Shell says:

    Too funny! (Well, at least because you caught it!) Gonna check my daughter’s phone now…

  5. Mocha says:

    You’re a lucky lucky woman. At least, you’re a lucky MOM. Yikes, lady. You’re killing me with this here.

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