Happy Super Groundhog Bowl

February 2nd, 2013

Super Bowl for Non Football Fans

Image from Duke Universities Libraries Digital Collections

Groundhog Day and Super Bowl on the same weekend? Now, there’s an interesting decorating challenge.

I’ve written a little humor piece for Sporting Life Arkansas about my attitude towards the latter event. A perspective on super bowl for non football fans. Here’s a brief excerpt:

It should be loads of fun, but it almost never is. One year, I helped organize a Super Bowl party among some friends, at which everyone had a smashing time, except my husband, who had the strange idea that we were all there to watch the game. As I recall, the ride home was spent in silent, mutual meditation on the timeless Zen riddle, What the Hell is Wrong With You.

You can read the entire column here. Happy Super Groundhog Bowl Weekend, and here’s hoping the football doesn’t see it’s own shadow.


2 Responses to “Happy Super Groundhog Bowl”

  1. ann says:

    I love this! The Zen meditation! You are so funny! Happy Super Bowl (plate, napkin, beer bottle) Sunday!

  2. Kath Hale says:

    Well put, Kyran. Your Sporting Life Arkansas essay cracked me up. Standard items on my Super Bowl menu today: beef nachos, cheese dip, and frozen margaritas. Can’t wait! (Have you had a frozen margarita at Local Lime? The lime quarter that garnishes each drink also is frozen, a nice, icy touch that I plan to copy.) I’m lucky; at my house, we all just tolerate the game as a minor inconvenience between clever ads. I am hopeful that ED commercials are not in heavy rotation.

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