Still none the wiser.

March 15th, 2012

My owl collection.

Years ago, I up and decided that I needed to collect something, and that it would be owls. My ego says to make sure everybody knows this was before every mall accessory store in the land started carrying owl-themed stuff. My ego says to tell you that owls were nobody before I lifted them out of the gutter. Nobody!


The owl population around here has at least doubled since I last updated my WOL flickr set, so I thought I’d snap a few photos of the latest additions. As I was taking them, I remembered that my grandmother Ferne collected ceramic horses. I used to love to look at them through the china cabinet glass. It stopped me in my tracks to think that grandchildren might someday love to visit my owls the same way.


Vintage salt and pepper shakers, a gift from my sister in law.


Wall hook from Urban Outfitters. Haven’t figured out where he should roost yet.


Earrings from ArkieStyle, a gift from Lennie. I get compliments on them all day.


Does this make me a little old lady already?

Do you have a collection? Or a special memory of one?



8 Responses to “Still none the wiser.”

  1. shawn says:

    my nana collected egg cups. she lived in a little flat in downtown toronto. it was always such a treat to stay overnight at her place (coming from a large family, one on one attention was rare). her egg cups were in a glassed white corner cabinet. my brother now owns it and keeps beer steins in it. we always had boiled eggs and toast (cut into “soldiers”.) and i got to choose my own egg cup.

  2. It’s always been owls for me since I fell in love with a book my great aunt wrote that had an owl on it’s cover with love in it’s eyes. When she asked me at some point not long after what I might like to collect, I told her owls because it made me feel closer to her. The book that inspired my owl collection was The Ghost Next Door and the woman who inspired me, children’s book author and my great aunt, Wylly Folk St John.

  3. Michelle says:

    I don’t have any collections (my home is already too full of stuff) but I love your owls! My aunt had a house full of elephants, all with their trunks up because apparently it’s bad luck to display an elephant with the trunk down. And my grandma had a collection of small ceramic figures which I loved to play with as a child (probably why some of them were broken), which might have been these:

    Sometimes an envelope with a nice stamp shows up on my desk at work, so I’ve started saving those in case one of my kids wants to start a stamp collection.

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  5. nicole b. says:

    I love anything with honeybees, since we’re the Hunnicutts. (Corny, I know; I can’t help it.) For your collection: I spied some super cute owl stuff at Haus Werk the other day! xo.

    p.s. Ferne is such a pretty name!

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