Staycation Little Rock: See the hill. Take the hill.

March 23rd, 2012

Grass sledding at the Clinton Presidential Library

We’ve had a pretty good spring break here at home. The younger boys had art camp in the mornings, the teenager got to sleep in, and I managed to 1) not eat my young and 2) not leave a single “MUST BE NICE” comment on any of my Facebook friends beach and Disney vacation photos. So, success!

I freed up my own afternoons to take the kids on a few adventures close to home. Like grass sledding at the Clinton Presidential Library, something we’d never done. With a friend in tow, and a pile of cardboard, we set off.







Some of us got experimental…

…with one stunt…

…or another.


Not all of the experiments worked out.


It was a long walk back up the slope


and windy at the summit.


There was a lot of running after cardboard sleds that, deep down, wanted to be kites.


It was a lot of hot, thirsty work for a thrill of a few seconds.


They never got tired of it.


I could see why.

4 Responses to “Staycation Little Rock: See the hill. Take the hill.”

  1. marilee pittman says:

    As good as Marble anyday!

  2. Fun times! We planned on that, but it was too wet. (Actually, the girls still wanted to; I didn’t want to tackle the laundry and sniffly noses that were sure to follow!)

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