Springtime 40th birthday celebration

April 10th, 2012

If you can at all arrange it, you should turn 40 in spring, when flowers are blooming, life is bursting and everything that was old is new again.

My best friend hits that mile marker today, and last night we held a springtime 40th birthday celebration, co-hosted by a trio of her greatest fans. It was so much fun to plan and execute, right from the restaurant patio strategy session through to the party’s candlelit afterglow. The lion’s share of the credit has to go to my co-host Pearl, who offered her home as the venue. The cottage setting was perfect for a spring-themed party. It also helped to have a guest of honor who is so well-loved, and so very easy to celebrate.


Decor: Vintage linens and fresh cut flowers, everywhere

Food: Rustic sandwiches on sliced baguettes, dips and crudities

Centerpiece:  a photo montage of the guest of honor clothes-pinned to a branch set in a vase

Cake: chocolate espresso torte, on antique glass plates, decorated with rose petals

Drinks: Spiked lemonade in mason jars (recipe here)

Guest book: a jar to collect guests’ birthday wishes

Lighting: tea candles, antler chandelier, yard fire

Ambiance: good friends, shared history, infinite love.


Happy birthday, Lennie Kat. We sure do love you.



5 Responses to “Springtime 40th birthday celebration”

  1. nicole b. says:

    This is all so lovely, so perfect. Well done. I’m so sorry to have missed the festivities. Thanks for celebrating our friend. She deserves all of it (and more)!!! xo.

  2. Cherie Brothers says:

    Wow, soooo nice! You have inspired me to want to do a suprise b’day for one of my friends. I’m wondering can (3) of you fly to Canada and help me plan it. Wonderful job – so much thought put into it!!!

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    • Kevin says:

      I was talking to my hbnausd this evening when were sitting outside. I told him we do not see dandelions in South Carolina, or at least here in Myrtle Beach! I miss dandelions, we had them when I lived in Ky.

  4. Angie Gilbert says:

    I was there and can attest to the beauty and magic! Thanks SO much, again, Kyran, Pearl and Charis for SUCH a BEAUTIFUL evening!!!

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