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I am very happy to work with brands who appreciate my audience as much as I do. Here is an overview of how I work with sponsored content on my site. Potential sponsors can email me to request a version that includes specific rates.

  • I believe transparency is the best policy. My readers are smart grown-ups who understand how livings are earned, in business and in art. I disclose all sponsorships, gifts, favors owed, blood bonds, and other vested interests.
  • I have a minimum sponsorship fee that helps me be selective about what sponsored material my audience sees, and how often. My base rate includes a link and description of the sponsor in an introduction and/or footnote to a sponsored post. The fee can scale up, depending on what the sponsor requires in additional placement/specifications. 
  • I don’t normally review products. I tell stories about what’s happening in my life, as a mom and as a woman. If a brand is relevant to my interests, I can usually match it to an original post in a related topic. As a reader of blogs, I appreciate and remember brands who support my favorite voices instead of interrupting with their own.
  • I use my own words and images, which are what my audience comes to read and see. I can work with unobtrusive keywords and links. Other branded content is subject to negotiation. 
  • I host a limited number of giveaways, with a minimum prize value of $100. I sometimes make exceptions for extraordinary handcrafted items, books by dear friends, and other causes and concerns I am passionate about.
  • I have very limited sidebar space for ads/sponsored links in the form of badges. These are available on a quarterly basis, with an option to sponsor a one-time profile post introducing the brand to my readers for an additional fee. The profile feature is included at no extra cost with 12 months of badge placement. No ugly badges, please. I can provide design services if you need help.
  • I will consider compensation in kind for exceptional products or opportunities. I love travelling, going on dates with my husband, having fun with our kids, and spending time with my social media friends and colleagues. If you have something like that in mind, I’m all ears.
If these criteria don’t meet your present campaign, please keep me in mind for one that does. 
Best wishes,
Kyran Pittman

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