Scenes from Sunday

March 19th, 2012

Only one of these scenes actually happened on Sunday. But Saturday was a very good day.


I made oatmeal muffins, cleaned house, then went for a stroll along the boulevard.


Got a latte and spent an hour or so looking for just the right yarn to knit a tiny hat for a brand new friend.

The yarn shop is like a 101 flavor ice cream parlor for my eyes.


Then we went to the hardware store for a new lawn mower and whipper snipper. With our young whippersnappers.

Americans call weed trimmers “weed whackers,” but I think that sounds indelicate.


Speaking of weeds…

loading the new lawn mower

…these boys are growing like them.


Sunday, I took the boys to the “dollar” theater to see The Adventures of TinTin. I grew up with the original comic books, and I was a little worried the movie would disappoint.

It didn’t. It was fantastic. I hope Steven Spielberg plans to do the whole series. By the way, if you ever get a chance to see the documentary “Tintin and Me,”  about the life of Tintin creator Hergé, do. It was on Netflix instant for a while, but it seems to have disappeared.


The dollar theater is a movie house where you pay very little for admission to second-run releases. As I learned yesterday, they make their money at the concession counter, where the  popcorn tastes like it is also on its second run.


Dinner was corned beef with new potatoes and braised cabbage. It was delicious. But I’ve decided my relationship with cabbage is complicated.

corned beef dinner

“Slippery” is an adjective that should not apply to food you don’t slurp off the half-shell.



3 Responses to “Scenes from Sunday”

  1. “Discount” Combo 2! Ha-ha-ha! Here’s what I do much to the chagrin of my children: I throw half of their Halloween candy in the freezer and dub it “movie candy.” Before movies we “shop” the freezer, and I sneak snacks into the theater. I’M A CHEAPSKATE REBEL.

    And I love cabbage. Try it sauteed with onions, cumin, coriander, turmeric, ginger, salt and chilies.

    • Seriously! I want to support their business, but if they’re going to rob us at the popcorn counter, I say, all ethics bets are off!

      Cabbage and I are going to keep trying.

  2. One of my BFFs and I used to sneak in our own snacks for our kiddos into the dollar theater. We got almost-kicked-out more in the past two years for doing that than we did our entire high school years for doing many other things! (Shhhh… don’t tell)

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