Wrapping up with Red Sari Scarves

April 11th, 2013

Unpacking from a trip usually takes me a while, literally and mentally. After last month’s back-to-back trips to Florida and Texas, I managed to get the suitcases put away with unusual promptness, but I’m still sorting through memories, things I learned, and approximately ten trillion photographs on my iPhone.

I’ll get around to sharing all the best of them, but I thought I’d start the way unpacking usually starts at my house, which is by answering the question, “Did you bring me anything?”

Why, yes, I did. It’s a 20% off coupon code for fashion accessories made from reclaimed vintage sari fabric by The Red Sari, the very cool company that sponsored me to attend Blissdom. Use code BLISSDOM20 at checkout, and use it soon, because it expires 4/30/13. Mother’s Day is May 12, and I know there’s a mom in your life who would look gorgeous adorned by a Red Sari scarf, wrap, or bag, and who would really dig the contribution the company is making to the lives of women in Nepal. Maybe that Mom is you.

I loved wearing Red Sari scarves at Blissdom, and it made packing so easy, because I just wore my usual no-brainer neutrals, and let the scarves bring the pizazz.  Like this vivid “Heart Leaf” scarf.


And this dreamy infinity scarf, which went really well with my boyfriend, Chris Mann.


And this felted vintage sari scarf that looked so beautiful on Sarabeth.


It went well with her boyfriend, Minion.


I wish I had gotten more pictures of the handbags and laptop totes, because they are really gorgeous, and I wore a different one every day. You can see a few of them here. My favorites were the sari collage executive tote in the center, and the red plaid tote toward the back.


I may have gone a bit overboard in the Red Sari stockroom. This pink cloche was my Easter bonnet this year (with a lime green vintage enamel flower pinned to it).

It helps explain why, when Sarabeth and I pulled up to the Gaylord Texan, we looked like we were moving in for a month. Partially. Only three of those suitcases are mine.

Nothing succeeds like excess, isn’t that how it goes? At least this kind of excess was something I could feel good about. When I visited Julie in her stockroom, she told me that the fashion industry is one of the top polluters on the planet. By re-claiming and re-cycling sari fabric using low-impact methods under fair working conditions, Red Sari is making something beautiful that doesn’t come at an ugly price.

Red Sari sponsored my attendance at Blissdom 2013 in exchange for my help in spreading the word about Red Sari scarves and accessories. Which has been so very easy and delightful to do. Again, that 20% discount code is BLISSDOM20, and it expires 4/30/13. I hope you can use it towards something fabulous.

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