The Daily Dozen printable.

January 7th, 2014

A daily checklist for being present and making progress.


Happy New Year! Are in you goal-setting mode like I am? Or wondering where to begin? Well, I’ve got a present for you: as promised a while ago, I’ve created a printable pdf version of my “Daily Dozen” checklist. Or you can print the .jpg to tuck in your journal, frame for your desk, stick to your fridge, or pin it to your Pinterest board. You may use and share the Daily Dozen printable freely as long as it’s for personal, non-commercial purposes, and you credit this blog as the source. Here’s a recap of how I use the Daily Dozen to help me stay present and make progress each day.

  1. Listen for purpose. Be still. Get quiet. What am I called to do with this life, this day?
  2. Plan for progress. Commit to the day in writing. Map the hours. Revisit and revise as needed.
  3. Nourish and exercise your body. Eat well. Limit toxins. Stretch. Move. Breathe fresh air.
  4. Work on something big. Lay down a legacy. Move closer to the dream, by strides or inches.
  5. Finish something small. Harness the power of done as often as possible. Break the big things into small things.
  6. Improve your space. Toss clutter. Take the cup to the sink. Play music. Light a candle. Paint the door.
  7. Nourish and exercise your mind. Read books. Strengthen focus. Limit junk. 
  8. Help someone. Look for the first and easiest opportunity to be of assistance. If it’s a struggle, it’s probably not that helpful.
  9. Thank someone. Also usually obvious and easy.  
  10. Show and Tell “I love you.” Hug and kiss. Connect, a little or a lot. Everyday.
  11. Rejoice. Revel. Make joy and play a priority. Have adventures.
  12. Rest. Recharge my brain and body as needed.

I hope you find these small, daily goals helpful in keeping you on track towards your dreams, while staying connected to the present. What’s one big thing you want to move closer to accomplishing this year? What’s one small thing you can finish this month?

2 Responses to “The Daily Dozen printable.”

  1. Kath Hale says:

    I like the color and design of this as much as the content. Did you ever make it to Memphis? Plus, were Millie’s No-Bake Cookies blog-worthy?

    • Thanks, Kath! I didn’t make it to Memphis, but a girlfriend and I are planning a February fondue party 🙂 No Bakes are for sure blog worthy, I’ve got a backlog of great Steno Pad recipes to post.

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