Pour some sugar on me.

April 21st, 2011
beignets at Cafe du Monde


I and four or five hundred family bloggers gathered in New Orleans last weekend for Mom 2.0 Summit, which is why the entire internet may appeared to be dusted with powdered sugar this week. It was the first social media conference I’ve been to since the first Mom 2.0 in 2009 ( in other words, since I began writing my book).

I was supposed to moderate a panel on Friday, but tragically, I missed my 6 a.m flight out of Little Rock that morning, after power outages, storm debris and an extremely vigilant TSA crew conspired to put me at my gate just as the plane began to pull away. I had never missed a flight before. I’d have thought they could just, you know, back it up, and let me on, but no.

Just, No.

There was a chance I could make it up in Dallas on standby but–shockingly–100 per cent of travelers polled preferred to board their flight to New Orleans rather than stay in Dallas an extra day. When I realized I was actually going to miss my panel, I came dangerously close to crying in the middle of Love Field, which would have been pitiful. So instead, I poured my angst out to twitter over the next four hours, which was no more dignified, but at least gave bystanders the option of blocking me.

I arrived at the Ritz-Carlton on Canal Street at about half past six, and discovered that the conference had not, in fact, ground to a halt in my absence. Or even faltered just a bit. Or even hardly noticed. With my official duties out of the way, I proceeded to have fun.

Bloody Mary over Royal Street.

Second breakfast.

The good times, they did roll, mes amis. I saw many old friends (have I even been doing this long enough to have “old friends?”). I made lovely new friends. I ate some fabulous food. I drank some excellent wine. I sat in on a great panel on modern families (What? There was a conference going on?) . I ate a lot more food.

Best of all, I got to read from my book on Saturday night, and was very warmly received. There were a number of copies floating around as gifts for the conference speakers, and it was thrilling to see people walking around with them; to imagine my words traveling home with them like so many seeds on the wind.

Mom 2.0 had Dads, Too. Like this guy.

I flew home Sunday evening, set my bags down, blinked, and here I am. Publication day is one week away. It’s about to be really, truly out there.

Here comes everything that happens next.

7 Responses to “Pour some sugar on me.”

  1. Mir says:

    I would’ve much preferred a chance to sit and talk to the fly-by hug I assaulted you with, but it was good to get to see you, however briefly. 🙂

  2. islandsweet says:

    we are all ready to launch with you sweet kiki.

  3. Pat Hammond says:

    I wish I’d gotten to know you better, Kyron, but I’m still darned proud of you. Live the life and live it well. You deserve it!

  4. Kristine says:

    Yum — I LOVE Cafe Du Monde! I’m so excited for you. I pre-ordered on Amazon so I will be checking the mailbox regularly.

  5. I’m still dusting the sugar off my luggage nearly a week later.

    So excited for you and everything that’s coming your way.

  6. you are becoming the Jones’ that everyone wants to keep up with!

  7. all ears says:

    […] hardly a year goes by that I don’t have the incredible good fortune to attend a conference in some fantastic destination or another. Those perks come at the cost of not having jobs with paychecks and other benefits, […]

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