Planting Dandelions: the Prequel

November 26th, 2013

My mother was sorting some papers recently, and came across this rare edition of my first memoir, written around 1977. You might call it Planting Dandelions: the Prequel.


My Family
I love my family as all of you do. I am lucky because I have a family. I’ve a sister to play with and a mother to do the housework and my father works. I’ve a happy family.



My Father
Here’s Dad. I’m very fond of him. He plays with me all the time. He’s an expert cook. I love him very much.



Here’s Mom. She helps me to get ready for school. She does the housework, cooking and works downtown. But best of all she is my mother.



My Pet
Kala is my dog. He’s six now and he’s very big. Most people are afraid of him. But I love him.



Swimming is fun. Every summer I’m down at the beach. If I’m not out in the water, I’m digging water holes and stuff like that. I like swimming.



Emily is my little sister. She is only four. I am lucky to have even one sister. I love Emily.



About the author
Kyran P. was an odd child, who preferred British children’s literature written before 1960. She still loves her family. Especially her little sister, even more than swimming.

4 Responses to “Planting Dandelions: the Prequel”

  1. lomagirl says:

    Beautiful! I like how you’ve mixed words and text in this memoir. I also like how you are wearing your t-shirt- I did that a lot, too.

  2. What a sweet thing to have! Thanks for sharing.

  3. marilee pittman says:

    You are lucky to have “even one sister”.
    xo xo

  4. dida gazoli says: You sweet girl and sister, you. Too cute and the *cursive* writing… impressive.

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