Paid to Smile

February 15th, 2012

Though Patrick and I both work at home, we don’t interact a lot during work hours, except to elbow each other out of the way at the coffee pot. So it was a novelty today when I got to spend a few hours as a model on the set of a shoot he was directing for a client. A favor for which terms of payment are yet to be negotiated. Though the sushi and doughnuts were a good start.

The shoot was in a studio loft downtown. It was dreary outside, but the light through the windows was so soft. And hopefully, kind.

There’s something magical about a professional makeup kit. They pop open like a circus tent, full of theatre and illusion.

The makeup artist apologized for making me sit still so long. I told her it was probably the only chance I’d have all week to sit and do nothing, and to take her time.

Eventually, I was ready for my close up. But not too close up.

Our friend Mike was my pretend husband for the shoot. And I was a pretend fitness buff. We’re getting imaginary health shakes from an imaginary juice stand. I’m asking for bourbon in mine.

By lunchtime, it was clear to us both that we were living a lie. And so I went back to my real husband. (Warning: wardrobe near-malfunction below.)

Patrick always says he became an art director so he’d never have to wear a suit and tie. But I think I’ve figured out the true reason.

It’s so he can make out with models.

I’m so proud of the business my husband is growing. No one asked or paid me to do anything today but show up and smile, but I’m happy to share his contact information with any of my readers who’d like to talk to him about design services. He does it all, including beautiful WordPress templates like this one.

3 Responses to “Paid to Smile”

  1. ats says:

    LOVE it. SO cool!!!

  2. Melissa Mc says:

    Well, if one were to have a pretend husband, Mike would be a good choice. 🙂

  3. Cid says:

    I used to tease my hubby all the time about his tough job in advertising “choosing talent.” Of course now that we’re in the boat business I hope he doesn’t expect me to be a boat babe in a bikini 🙂

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