Don’t hate me because I’m in Florida.

March 27th, 2014

Navarre Beach Spring Break

All my life I’ve watched other people go on spring break beach vacations without me, so I wasn’t going to feel one bit sorry about posting updates of me basking in the Florida sun and surf this week while 90% of my friends and family are living above the new North American permafrost line.

Though spring temperatures had finally arrived in Arkansas last week, I drove to the gulf coast as if a blizzard were at my back, eager to discard as many garments as local law permits and let the full UV spectrum soak into my bones.

Except that spring must have gotten pulled over for driving drunk somewhere around the Louisiana state line, or else we lost it when my mom’s GPS navigator detoured us to the not-so-scenic scenic route of backwoods Alabama for two hours. Either way, spring has been nowhere to be seen since we got to Navarre. If I knew where to direct my irate and indignant tweets, #WTFsunshinestate would be trending right now.

Good thing I packed all these breezy skirts and summery tops.

Photo Mar 22, 8 40 39 PM


On the bright side:

The beaches aren’t crowded.


The drinks stay cold.

beach bag

We need less sunscreen.

buried in sand

The bikini diet has been abandoned for the who-the-hell-cares diet.


 (Related: I would endure any kind of weather for another lunch at Joe Patti’s in Pensacola.)

I don’t feel quite as bad that Patrick couldn’t join us. Though I still feel guilty for having to leave this guy:

 rosco in the car


I’m with my mom.

mom on the beach

I’m with my boys.

jonah at navarre

alden at navarre


 It’s not snowing.


In fact, the sun just began shining, so we’re off to carpe the crap out of this diem.

to the beach

Before the rain that’s forecast for the next two days rolls in. 

5 Responses to “Don’t hate me because I’m in Florida.”

  1. marilee pittman says:

    love love love this.

  2. Laura Amann says:

    Ack, we’re heading that way on Saturday! Was hoping that the forecast I was seeing wasn’t really true 🙂 On the bright side, I’m from the Chicago area, so just seeing color will be a bonus. Still … waaah.
    Awesome take on chilly Florida!

  3. We’re in Navarre Beach, too, trying to make the best of this less than wonderful week. This morning our guests departed so it is quiet and I wrote a blog I’ll post soon. You’re right. Next week will be better. We’ve coming here for nearly 30 years and love it. We found from experience that spring isn’t the best time to come. We usually wait until summer. Try it again in May or June. We recently bought a condo at Emerald Surf and are here to fluff it. Come see me!

  4. Meanwhile, in Arkansas, over a week later, spring hasn’t really bloomed yet either. Like has happened all year, we keep getting these warm teases and then it cools down again. Maybe by June winter will be completely gone.

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