Make bread, scrub potatoes.

March 28th, 2011

loaf of fresh baked breadYou may imagine I am all wrapped up in the fabulous and exciting life of an author whose first book will be released at the end of next month. If by fabulous, you mean baking bread, clipping coupons, planning meals around leftovers and practicing an attitude of loving detachment toward one’s creditors, then yes, it is exactly that fabulous. And if by exciting, you mean something like the thrill of at last holding the hardcover edition of your first book, the manifestation of your life’s dream, ballasted by the fact that you have to get back to scrubbing potatoes for supper, because dream or no dream, supper still needs to be cooked, then yes, it is all that and more.

There’s a Zen saying, “Before Enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. After Enlightenment:┬áchop wood, carry water.” Before book: make bread, scrub potatoes. After book: make bread, scrub potatoes.

And that is as it probably should be.

4 Responses to “Make bread, scrub potatoes.”

  1. tea_austen says:

    It’s interesting to me how the dreams I had in childhood are so much more mundane when they come true. I spent book publication day chained to the computer answering emails (save for the smart and kind friend who brought over champagne and flowers). It wasn’t at all what I had imagined.

    And yet there’s a depth to these experiences I also never imagined, a richness to them. When I envisioned my name on the cover of a book, I never knew how it would feel to have that cover bind up four years of my own sweat, blood, tears, and challenges. How it would feel to have friends support me in times when I felt I couldn’t go on.

    It was at once far less and much more than I ever imagined.

    I wonder what it will be like for you.

  2. KyranP says:

    “far less and much more…” Precisely.

  3. Tena Laing says:

    Absolutely Love your line “practising an attitude of loving detachment towards one’s creditors!”

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