Lucy Van Pelt is my spirit animal.

January 20th, 2015


We went to see the new Peanuts exhibits at the Clinton Presidential Center this weekend–the comic strip, not the legume, as everybody under the age of 20 seemed to think when I mentioned it. Kids today.

I had an invitation by virtue of being a local “mommy” blogger, the presumable hope being that a dozen of us–and our five hundred adorable kids–would help promote the exhibits through our social media channels*.  Come Saturday morning, however, two out of three of my adorable kids were unavailable or unwilling to participate. My sixteen year old, for once, had nothing better to do, so it fell to him to be my entourage.

“Be adorable,” I told him, looking 8 inches up into his eyes. My eldest baby-man is six feet tall and growing. I’m 5’4″. Several friends sitting behind us in the lecture hall wondered if I’d brought a date.

We had a great time. It was sweet to see my big kid talking to the toddlers and younger kids, many of whom are growing up before my eyes, on my phone and computer screens. They are his internet cousins, in a way. I see most of their parents a few times a year at least, when anyone makes it easy, fun, and tax-deductible for us to get together. I’ve met their spouses. I know their stories. Some of us have become very close. We’re a community.


Feel the love. That’s Christen Byrd’s sweet daughter in the middle, #bufflogals on the left. The cutie on the right belongs to Sonya K.


I should mention the exhibits were worth seeing, too, in case you’re in Little Rock and can see them. One is valentine-themed, the other, football. I love the Charlie Brown football gag. Of all the Peanuts gang, there’s a special place in my heart for Lucy. I was also a bossy little girl often frustrated by other people’s inability to see things my way–the RIGHT way.  I was forever setting up clubs with me as president, only to have everybody quit before I even got through reading my exhaustive bylaws.

Good grief.

We also learned a lot of interesting things about Charles Schulz. Principally, that it’s Schulz, not Schultz, which was shocking news to me. And that he hated the Peanuts title, which was imposed by the syndicate. Probably the big east coast one running the Christmas racket.

Schulz was a phenomenally disciplined artist. He drew that strip for nearly fifty years. It was very cool to see some of his rough sketches. I love to see an artist’s process, and for my artistic sons to see it, too. It’s a great antidote to perfectionism. Even the virtuosos throw stuff in the wastebasket. 

Of course we got photos taken with Snoopy. Because no one is cooler than Snoopy. Am I right?


(I assume you guys are getting these references. I’m pretty sure no Millennials are reading this blog.)

And my kid was adorable, if I do say so myself. 


So if you were a Peanuts character, who would you be?  

 *Disclosure: We were invited guests of the Clinton Presidential Center, and got treated to a very nice lunch. Nobody asked me to post anything. Where cool things about our city are concerned, I’m happy to brag.

5 Responses to “Lucy Van Pelt is my spirit animal.”

  1. erniebufflo says:

    I’m glad we’re internet and sort of actual cousins 🙂

  2. Janice says:

    Looks like a terrific show. Wish I could see it.

    I hate to admit it, but I guess I’d be Lucy too – though I’d much prefer to be Linus. Something about his quiet thoughtfulness always appealed to me.

  3. Jeanetta says:

    I’m always Charlie Brown in all the quizzes.

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