Lucky Ducks

September 28th, 2012

Date night at the Peabody Hotel Little Rock

We celebrated fifteen years of marriage last week, a milestone that falls somewhere between significant and momentous, like middle school graduation. We marked the occasion with our kids on the actual date, but on Saturday, we were able to get away for a rare overnight date at the scene of our wedding night, the Peabody Hotel Little Rock.

Back in 1997, it was the Excelsior, and we had a musician friend whose wife worked in the catering department. She made it possible for us to host our hippy, trippy, play-for-beer reception in the penthouse of the fanciest hotel in town, and when Patrick’s parents sprang for a room for the night, we were upgraded to the two-story Vice-Presidential suite. Nobody wanted to break up the party when it was time to shut down the penthouse, so we brought everybody back to the suite with us. It was the only time I ever saw my late mother-in-law tipsy. She wasn’t the only one. By the time the guests left us to our connubial bliss, the room was spinning, and the portrait of smiling Al and Tipper Gore on the wall above the bed was kind of freaking me out. I giggled, hiccuped, and fell hard asleep. We joked all week that we were going back to finally consummate our union.

Like most things about our marriage, the hotel has gotten better with time. It reopened as a Peabody several years ago. If you live outside the South, you may not know that the Peabody is a cultural institution. The Mississippi Delta is said to begin in the lobby of its Memphis flagship. Like the original, the Peabody Hotel Little Rock has ducks, celebrated hotel residents who are paraded each morning to the lobby fountain on a red carpet. If you are very good in this life, I figure, you come back in the next as a Peabody duck.

All photos (except for the last) taken with HTC Droid Incredible, provided by Verizon Wireless Ambassador program, through which I have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product. Our guest room with valet service and breakfast for two was a gift from the Peabody Little Rock, in exchange for letting readers know about their rooftop cookout event last Fourth of July. Neither Verizon Wireless or the Peabody Hotel Little Rock are responsible for my duckface.


2 Responses to “Lucky Ducks”

  1. Devorah says:

    Oh! It’s your Vuitton bag!!

  2. Some friends and I sprang for a room after our college formal and it was a blast. Our neighbors probably hated us though! I woke up earlier than everyone else to see the ducks march in and it was so worth the small amount of sleep. I’m with you on the duck reincarnation!

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