Laundry is my hot hot sex.

January 17th, 2012

Our washing machine died a week ago or so, before our budget had a chance to recover from the holidays, so I’ve been using the laundromat. I won’t miss it when I bring home a new washer later this week, but there is something magical about being able to launder 10 loads of clothes at the same time. Calling it the Funwash is a bit of stretch, however.

Fun times at the Funwash.

I was telling all this to Amy when we were catching up with each other for the first time in ages the other day. “Too bad you’re not going to the Kenmore Blogger Summit,” she quipped. Amy keeps up with these things. I am not much of a keeper-upper.

“No kidding,” I said. Talk about a missed connection between brand and blogger. (my Craigslist post would read: You are a household name in appliances. I am a mom in urgent need of a girlfriend getaway and insight into front- vs. top- loading washing machines. Meet me at the FunWash tonight).

This morning, as I was comparing various models online, the irony struck me again. After all, laundry has played a huge part in my blog oeuvre. One of the first posts I had published in Good Housekeeping magazine was about the last time our washing machine broke down. A search for laundry yields 21 posts on my old blog, five on this one–one of those being a video of me reading from my book at a Tide-sponsored event. In the past five years, we’ve purchased one clothes dryer, one garbage disposal, one refrigerator, one oven, one convection/microwave oven, one dishwasher, and three water heaters. Okay, almost every one of them is a GE product, but still. HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES ARE MY JAM.

Then I remembered something. From “Note to PR firms” on my Contact page:

Laundry and housecleaning are not anywhere on my list of passions.

Got that, PR firms? Now clear off, with your clearly relevant pitches. Check back with me when you’re coordinating the Dom Pérignon Blogger Summit. Or the Cartier Blogger Summit. Because that’s the kind of information we can all use.

Cansei de Ser Sexy – Music is My Hot Hot Sex

6 Responses to “Laundry is my hot hot sex.”

  1. Shell says:

    Must be catchy, my washer died the end of December too… Sucks. Got a new one and I’m sort of depressed that I was excited to do laundry. Man, I’m old.

  2. newfie_girl says:

    My dryer died shortly after New Year’s day. I can wash my laundry, but have been dragging it out to my in-laws to dry it. What a pain in the arse! My new dryer is supposed to arrive in 2 days, and I’m practically counting down the minutes! How sad is that?! *sigh*

  3. erika says:

    Before we bought our appliances, I used to do all our laundry at a laundry mat called Mighty Whites. For about $7 a bag they would wash, dry, fold. I have seriously considered budgeting for this again to take that most dreaded chore off my list. Just as toast and tea is always better when someone else makes it for you, so too was having laundry done. It smelled cleaner, was folded better and all I had to do was drop it off and pick it up.

  4. Kyran says:

    I completely relate to the shameful thrill of domestic convenience. When we remodeled our house, nothing was as exciting to me as adding on a laundry room. Erika, I remember doing laundry at Mighty Whites! I could probably hire a live-in washer woman for what it would cost me now at $7 a bag times three boys. Sigh.

  5. Don Wilkes says:

    Many years ago, when I was a bachelor in Ottawa, I found a little bit of laundromat heaven. It was below some street-level shops, and as part of a dry cleaning place, there was always an employee there to make change. But the best part was the upstairs: my favourite small bookstore, and a neighbourhood pub! I could have a beer and a sandwich at the bar, while reading something great from the bookstore, and when it was time to dump my duds into the dryer, the bartender would mind my stuff while I zipped downstairs.

    Could life get better on laundry day than that?

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