It’s not enough anymore that you like me.

January 10th, 2013

Kyran on Facebook

If you’ve logged into Facebook at all in the last couple of months, I’m sure you’ve seen numerous PSAs from page owners alerting fans that they may be missing updates, due to recent changes that bury pages that don’t pay to play. I haven’t made a similar plea before now because, well, it seems a little grasping. I mean, I’m thrilled that 646 people are willing to publicly admit they know me, let alone like me. Now I’ve got to harass them into fiddling with their account settings?

Like the sage said, ain’t nobody got time for that.

However. I like Facebook, in spite of its mysterious and unpredictable Land of the Lost geography, and I like engaging with people there (there’s a fun conversation on my page today about the most depressing books ever written).  A significant number of my blog readers arrive here through Facebook links, so it seems like the affinity goes both ways. I’d like to be more active on my author page in 2013, but it seems rather pointless if hardly anyone can see my updates (in case you’re wondering, I keep my personal Facebook page very personal, as my teenager and other not-ready-for-prime-time players in my life are there).

So here’s the deal: if you would enjoy me popping into your Facebook stream on a regular basis, you will need to “like” my author page AND add me to your interests list. Like this:

Kyran on Facebook: my public Page

I know, it’s a lot of trouble. I’m not sure I like anyone well enough to click twice in a row, either. But in return, I will try my very best to be interesting. And you can always drop me from your interests later if I don’t live up to that intention, or if you simply need to pare down. I never hold it against anyone for exercising control over their social media intake, even when it means cutting back on me.

While you’re over there, why not leave a comment telling me how you use Facebook, and what the love:hate ratio is for you? I’m fascinated at how thoroughly it has woven itself into the fabric of my online and offline communities. How is it entwined with your life?



4 Responses to “It’s not enough anymore that you like me.”

  1. […] Thanks to everyone who has been adding my page to their Facebook interests. There have been some great threads over there this week, including one today on raising teenagers. […]

  2. Mariellen says:

    hmm. I would if I could, but no “interests” heading seems to appear on my page …:-(
    But I deeply dislike FB, of all the SM out there. Maybe it knows that and is going “Yahboo!” at me?!

  3. […] me on those other other platforms, you can subscribe to blog updates in the sidebar here, or like my author page on Facebook. Otherwise, enjoy the break! /* Posted in creativity, Sideways Brain, […]

  4. […] solid weeks, I stayed completely away from Twitter, Instagram, and my personal Facebook page (my author page stayed live, and lively). I lifted the embargo for Twitter and Instagram while at the Blissdom […]

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