February 10th, 2012

Here are some things I took in this week:


A good book.


A few rounds of Words With Friends.


A funny talk by Calvin Trillin.


Some very fine blog writing:

All the Best Things She Said by Bon Stewart

It’s Okay to Be Someone Else Now by Tracy Gaughran Perez

Bad Days by Heather Armstrong

An interview with 90-year-old style icon Iris Apfel shared by Gabrielle Blair.

A poem a day #32 and #33 by Amy Turn Sharp


And some really great music, brought to me by Lennie. Who brings me so many good things.

Hope the weekend brings you many more.

3 Responses to “Inputs”

  1. ats says:

    it is great honor to be on here xoxoxoxo

  2. sweetney says:

    I adore you. Thank you so much for this. xoxo

  3. Diane says:

    Thanks for sharing all this. Inspiring. Happy weekend.

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