Inputs: the output edition

December 7th, 2012

In case you haven’t seen my tweets about it, I’m now writing a weekly sports column.

No, really.

It’s called Sidelines,  (a space for people who live with sports fans, and love them anyway), and nobody is more surprised than me to discover I have things to say about sports. Check it out:

I don’t wish to perpetuate harmful gender stereotypes here by coming across as the “math is hard!” Barbie doll of sports. My opinions are representative of no one but me.

But math is hard. And there is just too much of it in sports.

I’m Only Here for the Cheese Dip

Now, I’m proud to live in Arkansas. We are not without style. But we are planted firmly in the South, and they can just try to pry the glue guns from our women’s cold, dead hands.

The Hip, not Hick, Gift Guide for Arkansas Razorback Fans

Enjoy, and have a terrific weekend!


One Response to “Inputs: the output edition”

  1. Kathleen says:

    How fun – congrats! Sounds like a really fun assignment and something totally different to be writing about.

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