Honeysuckle Time

May 14th, 2014


I wish I could post the fragrance. It borders on too much.

The fireflies can’t be far behind. Any evening now, my youngest will burst in from outside, calling for something to catch them in. In a crate on the back porch, there’s a stash of jam jars with hole-punched lids, a little rusted and dusty, but ready to go. Maybe his teenage brothers will join the chase again this year. Or maybe not. They’re like fireflies themselves now, blinking in and out of view, and I’m the one running behind them with my jar, catching them for a moment, then letting them go. 


It’s all so sweet and fleeting–the honeysuckle, the fireflies, these years. 



2 Responses to “Honeysuckle Time”

  1. Meg says:

    Such a perfect analogy for teenagers.

  2. Tzigany says:

    I just finished your book, Planting Dandelions, and I believe you may have a camera following me around, or a chip implanted in my brain…can’t remember when I identified with any writing more. You articulate so well what I only dream of communicating (5 kids, age 1-15, & all I communicate outside of “yes, that IS supper” and “We have have to GO! NOW!” tends along the line of a polite grimace over my G&T filled Tim Horton’s cup.) Thank you from the bottom of the endless laundry pile.

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