Hobbit Birthday Party Cake

April 28th, 2013

I had every intention of posting a few cake photos last night after the hobbit birthday party was over, but a girlfriend came over with a bottle of wine, and we drank it on the candlelit porch, overlooking the lawn strewn with candy wrappers and bits of papier-mache, two seasoned generals surveying the scene of another hard-won victory.

It was all worth it. I’m working on putting together the highlights, and will post those shortly.

Meantime, here’s how I created the “Lonely Mountain” hobbit birthday party cake.

Step 1:

Mustered all my imagination, oven proof containers, and limited recall of grade school geometry.

hobbit birthday party cake pans

Step 2:

I baked the cake in parts using a tube pan and a 1.5 quart Pyrex bowl. The peak was baked in the tube pan funnel, turned upside down on a cookie sheet and lined with non-stick foil. I used two boxes of cake mix. I used to be a from-scratch kind of cake baker, but then I decided to invest my energy in really great frosting recipes instead.

hobbit birthday party cake assembly

 Step 3:

 I used a double batch of this recipe for Decorator Buttercream Icing, lightly tinted with black gel food coloring.

Step 4:

I added a red dragon, and relighting “trick” candles at birthday boy’s request. One of his big brothers suggested we add a few characters from our Lego mini-figures cast of thousands.

Step 5:

Fire up the candles. Clear throats. Hit the lights.

Happy birthday to you, sweet boy.

Make a wish.




3 Responses to “Hobbit Birthday Party Cake”

  1. Lee Cockrum says:

    These posts have been great! I can’t wait to see the piñata!!

  2. A. Darlene Barr says:

    What fun you all must have had! Brings back memories of a bat cave cake designed for a Batman and Robin fan years ago.

  3. Tamara says:

    Your son’s face is – the ‘icing on the cake’! Beautiful 🙂

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