Father’s Day Comes But Once a Year: Grilled Donut Bacon Sandwich

June 16th, 2013

In our house, bacon and doughnuts are to Father’s Day what turkey and dressing are to Thanksgiving. This year, we combined them in a Grilled Donut Bacon Sandwich. And there was much rejoicing.


Grilled Donut Bacon Sandwich Recipe

  1. Start with fresh glazed doughnuts (not cake style). In my opinion, Shipley makes the best in all the land. If you live outside the South, you will have to make do.
  2. Slice donuts in half and grill on a panini press, or contact grill. I used my Foreman grill. The cast iron skillet would probably work, too.
  3. Grill donut halves until golden crisp.
  4. Top one half with cooked bacon (Wrights is my favorite). I only cook bacon in the oven anymore, on a foil line cookie sheet at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes. No standing around the stove, flipping sputtering hot bacon strips, and so much easier to clean up.
  5. Cover the first half with the other donut half, and experience completion. Bliss.


Happy Father’s Day to this guy, and to us all.


ps. On my Facebook page today, there’s a great thread going about the gifts we’ve received from our fathers. Jump in!

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