Color Me Rad: my (next) first 5K run

April 17th, 2013

It’s a mad world, isn’t it? I’m sitting here wondering if it’s okay to invite people to join me in a 5K fun run that ends with runners being “bombed” with color as they cross the finish line, as if it would occur to any of us to take that verb literally in the context of a community sporting event. As if crossing a finish line might ever involve actual bombs.

As if such things happened.

If you have been directly affected by the unthinkable violence at the Boston Marathon finish line on Monday, please let me know so I can keep you in my thoughts and prayers. If you were not personally involved, but are feeling overwhelmed, you might be helped by this approach to bearing the unbearable. It has helped me find a way to be compassionate towards other people’s losses without losing my own joy.

If you are in the Little Rock area, and can join me and some blogging friends in the Color Me Rad 5K on June 15, I won’t make it out to be any kind of statement. We will be running for the sheer fun of it, just as we had planned to do before. Which, come to think of it, might be one of the most potent statements to be made in the shadow of terror.

This will be my second attempt at my first 5K run, after training last fall only to miss it, in a typical time management fail. I’ve kept “run a 5K race” in steady rotation on my to-do list, but had trouble committing to a date until I was contacted by Color Me Rad. I have wanted to do one of these “color runs” since I first saw pictures of rainbow dusted runners showing up in my social media stream. I told them I would love to participate, and did they mind if I brought a friend or, um, nine along?

Little Rock, I give you your Color Me Rad Lady Blogger team:

My team co-captains are: Alison, Amy (and daughter Mary Polly),  JacklynKerriSarabeth (and daughter Elizabeth), Sarah, and Whitney.

We would love for you to run/walk/amble with us, by choosing “join a team” at registration and searching under Team Captain Kyran Pittman. Or you can run as an independent, free spirit, and pretend like you don’t even know us. Either way, use code rmhca when registering to get 10% off race registration, and 15% will be donated to our local Ronald McDonald house. Or root for us with a tax-deductible donation that goes directly to our local Ronald McDonald House. A buck, or five bucks, if you have it to spare, will help provide families with a home away from home while their children are receiving treatment at area hospitals.

(Another way to give is to volunteer. Color Me Rad will donate $75 per volunteer who works a 5 hour shift. Duties include pelting people like me with packets of colored cornstarch. Contact Emily at 501-978-3119 or for details.)

Also, stay tuned for my forthcoming training app, “A Mere Ten Months to 5K.”

I leave you with this clip from Chariots of Fire, and the ardent hope that you will claim your joy–where ever you find it–and defend it to your dying breath. is covering registration costs for me and my co-captains, and sent us rad rainbow knee socks and headbands, but only a few trucker hats, over which we are fighting.

5 Responses to “Color Me Rad: my (next) first 5K run”

  1. Alison Chino says:

    I was thinking yesterday when I registered that maybe the bravest thing I could do in the face of Monday’s tragedy was to sign up for a run. Especially since I am not a runner, throwing my chips in the race feels like a small push towards turning the world back towards the sun. Out of the dark.

  2. marilee pittman says:

    run with the wind…

  3. I am SO EXCITED for you all! Can I come on a training run with you?

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