The road to redemption is 3.1 miles long

June 23rd, 2013

Finishing my first 5K

Legal disclosure: My team’s registration fees, knee socks, and trucker hats were sponsored by Color Me Rad 5K. Also, I drank a free Red Bull, but it was after the run, so it doesn’t count as doping.

Remember the First 5K Fiasco of 2012? The time I trained for eight weeks, then missed the start time by an hour? It only took me another 266 days, but I crossed the finish line last Saturday at the Little Rock Color Me Rad 5K, running all but a few yards of the course (I walked through the color bomb stations, and stopped once to snap a photo). It was not a timed race, but we started a couple of minutes past nine, and it was 9:35 when the official race photographers snapped me crossing the finish line.

You can tell how happy and excited I was. How happy and excited all of us on the Rad News Bears team were.

 Well, almost all of us.

As Captain, it was my job to keep team spirits high. Failing that, to get in their faces with my iPhone and try to make them smile.

Failing that, to go drink bloody Marys with them after.

Even though we live in the same city, I doubt I would have met any of these women if it weren’t for our blogs. Now I know them all as friends and neighbors. Some have been guests in my home. Some of our husbands and kids have become friends. I see some more often than others, but I have no doubt that we would all be counted among the helpers if any one of us were in crisis. They have enlarged and enriched my sense of community. If that was all I ever got from chronicling my big, little life online, it would be plenty.

Nice work, team.

Alison, Sarah, Amy, Jacklyn, Sarabeth

 Me, Whitney, Elizabeth, Kerri, Mary Polly


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  1. Janice says:

    Yay! Congratulations!! I’m so pleased for you. Now, time to start training for the Tely 10, followed by Cape to Cabot. 🙂

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