Where Technology Lets Us Down

February 28th, 2013

I finally figured out how to enable the Emoji keyboard on my iPhone, so I immediately sent an illustrated text to Patrick.


Disappointing, really. We may as well all go back to using Morse.

I posted this, and then had a horrifying thought that someone might think it was a slur on a sacred Jewish symbol, the Menorah, ┬áso I thought I better explain that somebody wasn’t wearing his reading glasses, and guessed the smile was a lamp, and the eyes two lit wicks, set inside a triangle. Which still wouldn’t make sense as an emoticon, but then, neither does a pirate ghost or panda bear. Or it’s a gestalt that reveals my husband’s mind is on spiritual matters, while mine is in the toilet.




2 Responses to “Where Technology Lets Us Down”

  1. Asha says:

    On behalf of Jews everywhere, I am deeply offended. Okay, now I’m over it.

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