D-I-Y Halloween: advice for being more perfect.

October 27th, 2011

This morning I looked at my to do list and noticed that “Decorate for Halloween” was still on it. Today is the day, I resolved.  Nevermind that Halloween will be over in four days. Do it for the kids.

I googled “easy quick frugal Halloween decoration ideas” and started picking my way through the billions of blogs and magazine websites that came up.  Because what today’s woman needs most is lots of advice on how to do more things better. Oddly, all those precious instructables and slideshows left me more depressed than inspired. So I came up with my own guide.

Start by assessing your supplies.

A good place to begin decorating is a child’s bedroom.

On second thought, the front porch might be better.

In planter arrangements, think beyond the same boring old live flowers. Black and white trash bags are not only bolder, they last much longer.

The right soaking wet camping gear can really pull an area together.

Lastly, recognize that every member of the family has something very special to contribute to the overall holiday scheme.

 Happy Halloween.

7 Responses to “D-I-Y Halloween: advice for being more perfect.”

  1. Erica Ehm says:

    THIS I can do! We have the same DIY style 🙂

  2. KyranP says:

    Erica, you and me, on TLC. 😉

  3. Ellen Brown says:

    I love this, Kyran. My 8 year old took matters into his own hands last weekend and did it all himself.

  4. Cid says:

    Too perfect for me. I got the decorations down from the attic but not one of the boys was interested in putting them up. Even my nine year old is suffering from Halloween-ennui. Already focused on the start of ski season. If they decide to go out they are dressing up as zombie nerds. Perfect.

  5. TrudyJ says:

    The idea that Hallowe’en is a season that can end in four days and that you have to decorate for is just too depressing to contemplate. It’s a ONE DAY EVENT. Toss a couple of pumpkins on the front step if your kids get a kick out of carving them, and voila! You’re done. With the stress of having to help my kids get a costume together from stuff we bought at Value Village, that’s more than enough effort for me to put into Hallowe’en. The idea that there could be specific Hallowe’en decorations stored somewhere, like the Christmas ones, and that I’d have an obligation to put them up in advance of the event, never crossed my mind. I like your DIY guide just fine.

  6. tamara says:

    also appreciated this one –
    I got my halloween ‘decorations’ out – they still sit in the bag (Nov. 4)- bought two pumpkins, 1 for the girls, 1 for the boys. One of my boys got sick ……. 1 pumpkin still sitting in the kitchen …. uncarved!
    I guess it’s pumpkin soup! 🙂

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