Contact and media information

Contact and media information for Kyran Pittman

I love to hear from readers and I try to respond to mail as it comes. It may take me a little time, and occasionally, my spam filter and my floaty right brain conspire in a plot to get you to hate me.  Please don’t let them win.

You can email me at this address.

Media:  Please see my author website.


I’m not in the business of product reviews, though I may independently recommend and share things I’m passionate about, like books, music, handmade items, pretty clothes, vintage stuff, modern design, great food, good wine and travel.

Laundry and housecleaning are not anywhere on my list of passions, but if you’ve got a way to make them sexy, I’m all ears.

I enjoy passing nice things along to my readers, who are the best in the whole wide world. I value their attention, so I ask that you do, too. Please do not contact me with giveaway offers valued at less than $100.00 (books written by friends and really special handmade items occasionally exempted).

I will consider exceptional writing prompts, particularly if they involve travel or getting to spend time with my favorite blogger friends.

If these conditions don’t fit with your present campaign, keep me in mind for something else in the future.

Best wishes,

Kyran Pittman

I adhere to FTC regulations, and disclose all gifts, sponsorships, favors owed, blood bonds, and other vested interests.


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