Beautiful things.

November 14th, 2010

All week I gather links to beautiful things, to bring to you on Sunday.

My birthday is coming up and my mother sent me an Anthropologie gift card in the mail, tucked in a little notebook. I’ve never seen a gift card quite so gorgeous. Of course, “pretty” and “beautiful” aren’t the same thing, but because this is from my Mom, it qualifies as both.

I’ve been thinking how nice it would be nice to have an autumn wreath on my door, but all the ones I see are too fussy or folksy for my taste. Then I saw this exquisitely simple creation by my friend Alana, using natural leaves. And something called glue dots. My jaw is still agape.

I was thrilled to see Grace in Small Things get recognized by a major magazine. As I told GIST creator, Schmutzie, it makes me happy to think of all the dreary supermarket checkout lanes and waiting rooms that will be brightened by her invitation to practice daily gratitude in a way that’s specific and sincere.

This family parlor singalong from the indomitable Nielsens had me humming “Friday I’m in Love” every day of the week.

This cautionary tale on photoshopping madness is a public service announcement every photographer, amateur or professional, needs to read. Reality is so beautiful. I don’t know why it’s become standard practice to embellish it.

This love letter from Jen Lemen to new mom Kelly Rae Roberts is such a gift to all all expectant and new mothers. Bring a copy to read at the next baby shower you attend.

I love this advent activity from scrapbook storyteller Ali Edwards, that encourages kids to look beyond themselves.

Finally, I was catching up on blog reading the other night, when I saw this show and tell from Laura about a package she got in the mail from our friend Karen, containing, among other treasures, Karen’s avowed favorite pen. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I always knew Karen and I were kindred spirits, but I didn’t realize the affinity went ink-deep. We raved back and forth for two or three nights, explaining to curious onlookers what it is that makes that pen so special. By my estimation, Paper Mate Co. is into us for hundreds of thousands of dollars already. As I explained to Erin,

I like to think the world is strewn with little clues like that, don’t you?

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  1. schmutzie says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning Grace in Small Things! I love that place, it has a lot of heart, and it makes me smile every time someone joins and shares the story of how they got there.

  2. Don Wilkes says:

    Kyran: In this post, there are two large blank areas before the last two areas. When I hover over them, a popup indicates that they link to “flairpentweet” and “flairpentweet2”, and I have a hunch there is supposed to be a picture in both places. Properties indicates that they are both 488px × 178px, but they have zero bytes. Am I reading this before you’re finished posting, or does my browser (Firefox) have problems with Tiffs?


  3. Kyran says:

    Don, thanks for the heads up… let me look into it!

  4. Fawn says:

    Miss Kyran, your new blog is going to be the death of me. It is so fun to read, and it’s linked to so many other things that are fun to read, and look at, and subscribe to. And now the kitchen is full of dirty dishes and the toy bomb is still exploded in the living room and my to-do pile of papers sits unmoving, and I can’t. stop. reading!

    • Kyran says:

      Ha! Maybe I need to add a disclaimer at the top: Management is in no way responsible for general domestic chaos that may ensue. 🙂

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