Another Seat of My Pants Special: Valentine’s Edition

February 14th, 2012


Happy Love Day! Valentine’s Day completely snuck up on me this year. Like all holidays, every year. So of course, I was scrambling late last night, after the stores had closed, plundering junk drawers and yelling things like, WHY IS THE DAMN HOLE PUNCH NOT WHERE I LEFT IT. Making memories, that’s what it’s all about.

Blogs and magazines to the rescue: printable ninja valentines from Secret Agent Josephine, glued to craft paper, and adorned with hoarded Halloween gumballs; and Mad Love valentines from Family Fun magazine, made with scavenged Mad Lib pages and rolled with hot pink post-it notes.

As for me and my Valentine, he had a special surprise all lined up. Until Saturday, when I felt emboldened by his recent office equipment upgrade to suggest that there might be room left in the budget to buy an e-reader. I was on my way to go get it, when he texted me:


Wasn’t that thoughtful of me?

Friends, I love my Kindle Fire so much, I might marry it.

Have a love-filled day.

One Response to “Another Seat of My Pants Special: Valentine’s Edition”

  1. erniebufflo says:

    LOVE the text message exchange. Reminds me of my birthday, when I knew I was getting an iPad but didn’t know Jon had also picked out a case, and he got all AHHHHH when I tried to buy a case for myself. And I was like, “But you didn’t even ask me what color I want!” Because I’m pouty like that. Of course, he picked me out a red leather one that is exactly what I would have wanted. But I didn’t get to save him any money on it…

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