I come from the near-mythical island of Newfoundland, where I grew up as a poet’s daughter–the child of a crazy bohemian tribe of artists, musicians, writers and absent-minded professors. I thought I would live there all my life, until I fell in love with Patrick, when we met online in early 1995. That’s right, back before chat and pictures, when people online weren’t believed to be real. O pioneers!

That story is told in my book, Planting Dandelions. It was quite an adventure.

But the real adventure has been everything that happened since: coming to Little Rock, getting married, having three kids (all boys), buying a house, trying to keep a house, staying married, and gradually falling in love with America.

You could say I ran away home.

On December 24, 2005, I started a blog as a way of journaling my big, little life. I called it Notes to Self, never dreaming that anyone besides my mom and husband would read it. Certainly never imagining that an editor at Good Housekeeping magazine would come across it one day and send me an email asking me to give her a call. Today I am a proud Contributing Editor for that magazine, and a published author. Notes to Self is no longer an accurate title. So this is my new backyard, a place to lean over the fence, and share a few stories with my neighbors. I hope you’ll wander over often.

As you can tell, nothing in my life has turned out the way I planned.

I’m so very glad.

This photo, and others like it scattered around this site, was taken by the insanely talented Whitney Loibner

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