A Gallery of Rogues

July 11th, 2013


Announcements from the Royal Gazette and Newfoundland Advertiser 1810-14



William BIGGS, Ordinary Seaman, 23, 5 ft. 7, fair complexion, hazel eyes, dark brown hair. Wants fourth finger on left hand and has several bald places on his head. Single.

Thomas HANNER, Ordinary Seaman, 21, 5 ft. 7. swarthy, grey eyes, brown hair, stupid looking man, single.

Richard BRADLEY, 5 ft. 6, sandy complexion, grey eyes, black hair. Plays fiddle and took it with him.

Thomas BECK, a Dane, 40, addicted to swearing and drunkenness

Edmund PIERCE, Apprentice, 14 years, fair, blue eyes, light hair. Remarkable long nose.

Murdock M’NEIL, passes himself as a Corporeal of the Regiment who is in search of deserters


On the body of Andrew LANGRIN, late seaman on board the Schooner “Parker”, drowned on Sunday. Being somewhat in liquor and having been refused ashore, attempted to swim after the boat.

Source: Transcript of the Royal Gazette and Newfoundland Advertiser 

Photo: Two of my rascals on Signal Hill, overlooking St. John’s harbor when we were in Newfoundland this time last year. I wonder if any rogue sailor blood runs in their veins.


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